October 2, 2012

On the Barca/Shalit Mess

A quick word on the whole mess about Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit attending the Clasico at Camp Nou. First of all, I would like to clarify that I would not defend Barca, just because they are my club, against something I believe to be wrong, and know that I was quick to sign the petition organized by BDS Catalunya against Barca hosting Shalit at the Camp Nou for the Clasico and also disseminate the petition on twitter. But I, at the time, hadn't looked into the story properly and the claims made in the petition - that Barca's president had invited Shalit to the Camp Nou as a guest of honor - are in fact false. FCB took no initiative at all to extend an invitation to Shalit for the Clasico. It was he who asked to attend, through an intermediary ex-minister who requested the tickets from Barca without the club knowing exactly who they were for. President Sandro Rosell knew nothing about it. A mess was made and the club tried to cover up, but they never intended for any of this to happen. Another thing worth mentioning is that, as someone with more insight into the club put it, FCB as a club kind of lives in a Catalan bubble and it isn’t the first time they make a mess of global relations. They don’t have much of an understanding when it comes to these situations, which is something to take into consideration. It’s clear that they just want to mind their own business and not take sides or get involved more than they can help.


  1. Hi Barcelista,

    Exactly why did FC Barcelone then "upgrade" his visit to VIP AFTER they were aware of the situation. Also, do they even realise the guy they have got from Palestinian Fooball Authority is a very corrupt person who killed Palestinians under the cover of security. The palestinian negotiators including Abbas isn't exactly liked by most Palestinians.

    I'm a Barca fan and have defended the team and players for as long as I can remember from ignorant comments and false rubbish spewed by both the media and english fans but this I am not going to defend. To accept an invite for someone who shelled civilians in a tank is wrong to make it a VIP is even worse.

    The fact they tried to limit the damage caused by inviting Mahmoud Sarsak, who by the way knew exactly what Barca were trying to do and refused should be enough for Barca to cancel this so called VIP attendance, sickening and absolute joke.

    Barca claim to be more than a club against opression and value freedom etc, even have Unicef on their tops yet go ahead and invite an ex seargant who is part of a military that forces "an open prison". It is the same as someone in another part of the world giving Franco VIP status while his military went around raping, abusing, attacking, killing women children and men.

  2. Again, your use of the term 'invite' here is incorrect. There was no invitation from Barca. Nor did they upgrade his visit. The initial request made by the ex-minister, without Barca knowing who it was for, *was* for a VIP invite. If it were just a normal ticket, he needn't make a *request* of it in the first place. I am not in the club and monitoring everything that's going on but as far as I can tell, Barca holds no obvious stance for or against either side and this is a mix-up more than anything.