September 14, 2010

Champions League: FC Barcelona vs. Panathinaikos, Camp Nou, Tuesday, September 14 2010, 20:45 CET

Eager to shake off the loss to Hercules suffered a couple of days ago, the team prepares to face Panathinaikos tonight in their Champions League opener and everyone's looking for a strong win.

Barca have the home advantage, but as Pep explained in his latest press conference, it might not be that much of an advantage seeing as the pitch is in bad condition. They're trying to get it in as best shape as possible for tonight, while the team refrain from training there.

As for our opponents, I don't know much about the Greek side but Barca as well as a several other top-notch clubs are said to be interested in their captain, 20-year-old Sotiris Ninis, so I'll be watching him. Another thing to look out for is that for the first time tonight UEFA will be using two extra officials on the pitch - one at each goal to help monitor play within the penalty area.

Jeffren alone misses out on this one, still injured, with Jonathan Dos Santos called up in his stead. Hopefully this match will be a spirit lifter for everyone.

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