September 1, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

Martin Caceres, Victor Sanchez and Alexander Hleb all have a few things in common. They all became a part of Barca's first team for the first time during the historic treble season of 2008-2009, sharing the victory while not being a very significant part of it. Subsequently, all three were dispatched on loan the following season: Sanchez to local team Xerez, Caceres to Italian powerhouse Juventus, and Hleb to German side Stuttgart. Once their year-long loans were up, the three soldiers trudged back to Barcelona to report for duty, only to be sent packing for yet another season on loan:

Sanchez stays local again, this time facing a year with Getafe;

Caceres of the fine abs (photo via ontd_fb) will also play locally, his new team being Sevilla, who have an option to buy him next summer;

Hleb goes back to Englad (where he played with Arsenal before joining Barca) to spend the season with Birmingham.
Till next preseason, boys.

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