September 3, 2010

Pique To Get Us Through

The international break is boring the hell out of me, since the only Barca 'news' anyone can come up with is the Pep/Mourinho handshake controversy at the UEFA Elite Coaches Forum. Apparently Marca think that Pep was a bit slow to take Mourinho's hand, and made it their front page story - in other words, they need to get a life.

This sizzling picture of Gerard Pique is to help us get through the boredom of waiting for Spain's match to start/get over the disappointment that Brazil vs Barca B won't be televised. For the same purpose, check out this adorably funny video of Pique trying to walk a runway.


  1. the wait is torture, no?

  2. What is up with his face? And it is kind of cute the way he "shakes" his butt :)