August 30, 2010

Mascherano Presented

Monday was a busy day for Barca's new signing, Mascherano. It started out with the five-hour medical test in the Ciutat Contal, followed by the contract signing in the club's offices and photos with the board members. After that it was off to the presentation on Camp Nou in the full Barca kit, with him taking the number 14 recently vacated by Thierry Henry, and the press conference. Some of his comments:

"I talked a little by phone with Guardiola. Tomorrow we'll talk in person. I said I know well which club I'm joining."

"When you're playing with great players, everything is easier. The adaptation should go quickly. There are no excuses."

"Of course I want to play. I'm not here on holidays. I respect the players that are here but I'll be ready."

"Winning is like a drug. When you win, you want to keep on winning. I hope I can join Barça's winning spirit."

"It's clear that playing for Barcelona has always been a dream, and the last years even more, seeing how they play."

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