August 18, 2010

Youth Players Trump Back-Up Signings

Pep Guardiola shrugged off all of Sandro Rosell's urges for him to sign back-up players in favor of depending on Barca's youth team, and I'm a trillion percent behind him on that one. We never needed Ozil or any other midfeilder, and seeing how swiftly the German signed for Real Madrid after the deal with Barca failed to go through, I'm glad that it did fail.

Who needs Ozil when you've got the adorable Jonathan Dos Santos on your youth team? I'm totally thrilled that Jonny is one of the four players Pep has decided to promote to the senior squad, along with Thiago Alcantara (attacking midefield), Oriol Romeu (defensive midfield) and Andreu Fontas (centerback). Hopefully this turns out to be a great thing for them all!

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