August 5, 2010

Lio's Sleepy Press Conference

Lio Messi and Pep Guardiola did a press conference in Beijing today, and I can't say which of them looks more exhausted to be there. It's understandable that they're jetlagged and suffering from media headaches, but poor Lio was actually fighting to stay awake all through it.

Still, Lio managed to answer some questions through his yawns, saying that he's looking forward to playing alongside Cesc Fabregas someday and also revealing that he wanted Maradona to stay on as Argentina's coach.

Pep confirmed that Lio will play in this Saturday's match against Chinese champions Beijing Guoan, and Lio himself is excited about it: "As a player I always want to play. There is no problem with my physical condition and I haven't had any problems in training."

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  1. hey do you know where i can see a video of this press conference? mainly of messi falling asleep lol he looks adorbs