August 2, 2010

Airline Chit-Chat

Lio: So Adriano, are the accomodations this good with Sevilla?

Dani (laughing): Are you kidding? They travel in hang gliders over there.

Adriano: Actually Dani, since you left we've been flying to our matches in rocket ships.

Dani (gaping): No fair!

Lio: If Sevilla can afford rocket ships, I wonder if they can afford me?

Ibra (on the phone with his agent, overhears them): Well, I might consent to go to Sevilla if they're interested...

That's probably what was happening between the Barca boys in this photo while they were flying to Seoul. At least Marc and Jonathon seem impressed by Barca's nifty aircraft, even if Adriano isn't...

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