August 9, 2010

Randoms: Pique's Greek Getaway

- So much Barca gossip, and it's not even about Barca. It's about Pique, who can't help but attract limelights from all around the world even when he's vacationing in the remotest parts of it...

- Like during his recent vaycay in Greece with his girl Nuria Tomas (pic via kickette) which shuts down all speculation that they had split up. What also calls to be shut down is the web of claims that Gerard had an affair with Shakira during his stay in Ibiza. She may have been there and they may have hung out together, but I doubt there's much more to the story than that. Chica's been in a committed relationship since forever, and in case you missed it, our boy has a girlfriend.

- Back to Barca: Our B-team beat the champions of China 3-0 yesterday, woohoo! Okay, it wasn't exactly the B-team, but almost. Barely a handful of first-teamers participated (goals from Roberto, Nolito, Ibrahimovic) what with the team's eight Spanish champions still missing, which brings me to the next piece of news:

- International issues ended with the World Cup. Right? Wrong. They keep getting worse what with the upcoming friendlies, like the Mexico - Spain match that's disrupting Barca's Supercup squad. Our Spaniard champions, bar Iniesta, are stalled from catching up with the team since they've all been called up; and Jonathan Dos Santos would have gone packing to join Mexico if they hadn't agreed to pardon him. You won't see anything like that concerning the Spanish players though, so our wait for their return is further extended.

- Iniesta alone reported for duty in Barcelona today, took his physical and was put right to training, solo. Hopefully this season he won't be plagued with injury again, and Barca can stop worrying about buying a midfielder that I personally think we don't need. Pep doesn't seem too keen on buying Ozil anyway, and In Pep We Trust, right?

- Xavi, who has been very vocal concerning just about every matter under the sun lately, is still ranting about Cesc being kept from joining Barca, saying things like "You should never cage an animal that is meant to be in the wild and you can’t cage a player of Cesc’s talent." Then again, the Daily Star isn't the most reliable of sources, and after Puyol denying his alleged Cesc-related comments, you never know what to believe.

- Last of all, y'all need to check out this wonderfully imaginative interpretation of the Cesc saga if you haven't already.

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