August 28, 2010

Birthday Boy: Bojan

It's really hard to believe that Bojan is actually twenty today. It seems like just yesterday he was a sixteen year old mite making his pioneer debut for the senior squad and scoring in that same friendly against Al-Ahly...

Of course twenty is still totally young, but it just feels strange because he's always been the baby of the team, Barca's adorable and amazing teen wonder since the day he broke into the first team. Now he's officially not a teen anymore, but he's still every bit as amazing and more. And I don't think I'll ever stop calling him Baby Bo even when he's thirty.

Bojan is the cutest thing ever to happen to Barcelona, and having him on the team has been a tremendous joy over the past three years. I really couldn't imagine Barca without him. Have an incredible twentieth, Baby Bo!

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