July 19, 2010

Adriano Presented

Today's been a busy day in the land of Barca, and Adriano's got his fair share of the attention. He's been officially presented today! Is it just me, or does he look hotter in the Barca shirt? Seriously, he looks so great in these shots! Again, loving the hair. I hope he grows it out even longer, into a Rafa-esque ponytail maybe.
"It is a very important day for me. I've been working many years for this day to come. I'll give everything for this club and I won't slack on work on or off the field," declared a beaming Adriano, before the extensive media coverage that made up for the absence of the fan's due to the construction work on Camp Nou (why not have it on the Ciutat Esportiva and let the fans come, like when Maxwell was presented on the Mini Estadi during Camp Nou's grass replacement last summer?)
Adriano affirmed that he admires all the players on Barca, and is eager to start working to find his place within the team. Of course, he couldn't go without mentioning Pep as well: "I want to thank Pep for believing in my work and giving me this opportunity. I am delighted to work with a coach who has won everything." You got that right, love!
He also directed a word to his father, who is appears is the reason why Adriano is equally great with both feet: "My father told me to play with both feet to make a difference as a player."
So that's who we have to thank for Adriano's versatile awesomeness - well done, Papa!

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  1. Ah, the blog is back! I've been out of town and missed the return. It looks great :)

    On to Adriano, I'm not sure how this is going to work out. I'm sure this is like a dream for him, of course, but what about the rest of the defense? Where is he going to fall? With Abidal and Alves on the wings, and Busquets looking pretty steady in the midfield, plus Keita and Maxwell and the youth players to be promoted, it looks like he'll be on the bench most of the year or playing in the Copa.

    We'll see. I'm looking forward to it, whatever happens.