July 19, 2010

Rafa & Eva Do Footie For Hope

What is it that could bring Eva Longoria and Rafael Marquez together? The Hope All-Star Celebrity Soccer Challenge in California, that's what. Eva's gorgeous, Rafa couldn't be any hotter, throw in footie for a good cause and it's a perfect mix.

Eva tweeted her excitement during the event: Me and Rafa Marquez (mexico's best soccer player) at charity soccer game! I kicked the first ball out! In heels!!!"

If you ask me, just standing in close proximity to Rafael Marquez is enough to get a girl excited, heels or no heels. Anyway, the event was a huge success and the best part is, the proceeds go to benefit the Rafa Márquez Foundation and Eva's Heroes.

Btw, Rafa's rumoured to join the NY Red Bulls - same club as Henry. Who is bffs with Eva. Just sayin'.

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