July 13, 2010

World Cup Wrap

Can’t believe I’m finally back and blogging, and what better way to kick things off than with a Blaugrana World Cup wrap? First order of business: Congratulations to Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro and Villa, who return to the club as World Champions! Yes, Valdes regrettably got no minutes in the tournament, and yes, Villa hasn’t yet debuted for Barca, but I’m equally thrilled for every one of them.

Also, well done to the rest of the Barca boys who participated in the World Cup, for their efforts and achievements with their teams. There can only be one winner, but everyone gets credit for trying! Dani Alves with Brazil as well as Leo Messi with Argentina all made it to the quarter finals; Rafa Marquez also captained Mexico to reach the last sixteen. Things weren’t as bright for Thierry Henry and Eric Abidal, with France leaving the tournament after just the group stages, and the same goes for Yaya Toure and his team, Ivory Coast (I know, I know, he’s gone to City, but he was a still Barca boy during his time in the tournament).

That said, let’s get back to the returning champions. It’s lucky number eight!

- EIGHT is the number of Barca players on the Spanish squad that were just crowned World champions – that’s almost a whole lineup!
- In their first ever World Cup final, Spain have become the EIGHTH team to ever win the tournament (the others being Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, England, Italy).
- EIGHT is the number of goals scored by Spain during the tournament, and coincidentally, all were scored by Barca players! (1 for Puyol, 2 for Iniesta, 5 for Villa)
- Iniesta scored the decisive goal in the final that clinched the title for Spain, and though he wears the number six on the national team, on Barca he’s the proud bearer of the number EIGHT (Xavi and Iniesta, the dynamic midfield duo, wear reversed numbers on Barca and Spain – with the club Xavi is 6 and Iniesta is 8, while with the country it’s the other way around!)

… eight Barca players on the Spanish squad, eight returning champions for Barcelona. It’s a big number. The Spanish lineup was easily dominated by Barca boys throughout the tournament, and at times it felt like watching Barca, with Villa more or less playing the indispensable Messi role. Which makes it that much more exciting that Villa is now a Barca player. He clicked perfectly with the Barca boys on the Spanish squad (that incredible pass from Xavi that led to Villa’s goal against Paraguay is a great example of how well they can work together) and starts his era on the club in high spirits as a World champion, not to mention Spain’s best player and top scorer in the tournament – we are certainly in for one hell of a season!


  1. Hi to a fellow Barcelista!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad that your blog is running again :D
    I really think that another female perspective on our Barca boys is missing (thank God for Kickette though! I would be completely lost without it ;))

    I discovered your blog a while ago, when people started asking me when I was going to write the blog again (see thanks to my dad my "name" is Barcelista too ;)) and that led me to the discovery of your blog - something I'm sooooo happy about :D

    So thank you for making us Barca chicas lives a bit more entertaining!!

    Love from another Barcelista! :D

  2. Hey!! Wow, your name is actually Barcelista? That's so cool!! I am so glad you feel that way about my blog, all the Barca chicas is the reason why I do it, so thanks! I'm glad that I'm back too :) Ah yes, Kickette has been inspirational for me :) we need to have our female footie sites!! Thanks again for the support!

  3. Hi again :D

    And (unfortunately? ;)) my real name isn't Barcelista.. My dad just calls me that.. He has been doing that since I got my first Barca shirt and started to watch football with him (about 19-20 years ago I have been told).. I must have been about 1 year old..

    But welcome back online.. :D And I really really absolutely love your blog!! You should really have your own newspaper or something for us Barca chicas..! ;)